We offer a range of different services for your caravan, from top to bottom including wheels, cosmetics, axles etc. 

The following is done when you bring your caravan for a service:

1.  Undercarriage

1.1  Check for loose bolts nuts and skrews.

1.2  Check for woodrot and other water damage

1.3  Remove wheels, drums and brakes and check for damage

1.4  Remove bearings clean and check. Replace or repack as necessary

1.5  Paint undercarrage black

1.6  Clean and re-oil jacks

1.7  Clean cupler and check chock absorber 

1.8  Set brakes 

2.  Body outside.

2.1  Check and oil all doors, locks and hinges

2.2  Check and report on water seal

2.3  Check vents and body in total

2.4 Check all pole sockets

2.5  Check jockey wheel

2.6  Check electrical wiring and cupler 

2.7 Ckeck all replectors and reflecting tape

2.8  Check and report tyres


3.  Inside 

3.1  Check all lights

3.2  Check all locks and hinges 

3.3  Ckeck all cuboards to wall fixing

3.4  Check fridge and microwave

3.5  Check power supply input and output 

3.6  Check gas installation coplete to fridge stove and geyser

3.7  Check water supply to all taps 

3.8  Check popup roof and gas struts